AP Government + British Council Project Dashboard

Project Overview

Role: UX Design

Internship Project

UX Design // UI Design // Dashboard Design // Data Visualization // Education

Visualize the relevant data and help design the interface of the APSCHE + British Council “ English Communication Skills” project dashboard.

The scope of my involvement in this project was of UX + UI Design of the dashboard. The dashboard was used to track the progress of registered students and to improve the online engagement of 100,000 learners enrolled in APSCHE – British Council English Communication Skills Program.

Goals + Target user + Context of use

Design Parameters

System Data-flow

Proposed Concept

Widget Details

The widget clearly shows key project phases, the project path and project status through the use of cards. These cards also serve as navigation as the selected card orients all the data of the remaining visualizations (Maps+ Charts + Tables) to the current project phase.

Container Layout proposed + Final Live Dashboard

The Dashboard was rated a 2/3 stars by the dashboard editorial team of CM Core Dashboard.

Click Here︎ to view the Dashboard.
Click Here︎ to view the CM Core Dashboard.

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