Onida Electronics, TV Research and Development Internship: Design Research

Project Overview

Role: Design Research + Product Design

Internship Project

Duration : 6 Weeks . 2018

Design Research // Consumer Electronics

Onida wanted us to evaluate a certain product’s market performance and draw actionable insights to the points that were affecting sales and customer satisfaction.
Onida as a company is in the process of rigorous reform, re-evaluating everything for new consumers; all the way from how they are perceived in the market to product innovation strategies. I got to learn the value and capability of a designer in a corporate scenario; but was also humbled by how despite being crucial, design is still a cog in the giant machine and how everything else is equally important.

Unfortunately, due to NDA I can’t share specific details about my work . I am only able to share a few details from the proposed concepts of the project. If you would like to know more about my experience, feel free to contact me!

My Journey through the 2 months

Here are a few snippets I could share with the employer’s consent

Product under Evaluation, Onida KY Super Thunder

Field Study

Online Survey

MS Power BI Interactive Dashboards

Proposed Concepts

Branding Explorations

Speaker Box Product Development Concept

Product Website Concept

Packaging Graphics Exploration

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